Homeside PRO (Android / iOS)

A hybrid mobile app that is on the iOS and Google app markets. Lightweight, simple, but useful. It took roughly a month to complete.

Overview & Goal

Homeside is a mortgage lender. It helps consumers finance new home purchases and refinance existing home loans. A large number of their customers come directly from “Realty Partner” referrals. To succeed in its industry, Homeside needs to excel at:

  • Attracting qualified applicants
  • Increasing its profit per loan through operational efficiencies

This project feeds Homeside’s engine of growth by being Homeside’s first external product offering. It further strengthens Homeside’s relationship with Realty Partners while also reducing unneccessary communications. Realty partner’s feel valued and appreciate the modern touch, while the common questions and status updates they would call Homeside for are now available 24/7 via an app.

The beauty of this solution is how quick, easy, and powerful it is. If I had been building anything larger or more robust, I likely would have chosen Xamarin or React Native over Cordova. That being said, it’s hard to beat a production ready app on two different platforms in just under a month.

  • You can see an album of app images: HERE
  • You can see a video of it in action: HERE

Technology Used

  • HTML5, SCSS, SVG Animations, and Vanilla JS
  • for iOS/Android component base styles
  • Cordova to build our app and access native phone functionality
  • Intel XDK Security APIs for securely storing JWT in the device’s storage
  • C# WebAPI, MS SQL, Json Web Tokens (JWT), and Swashbuckle for the back-end
  • C# Windows Service + Encompass (by EllieMae) to read and retrieve the underlying loan data

A Note: SVG Animations

Animating and drawing SVGs is challenging. I found the Pocket Guide to Writing SVG by Joni Trythall incredibly helpful. Her other work includes:

Here’s the tiny SVG her Pocket Guide helped me to draw and animate:

See the Pen Animated Lock Opening by Danny Brown (@dannyrb) on CodePen.

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