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A modernization and efficiency project that drastically increased conversion rates and decreased the time required to fund a loan.


Homeside is a mortgage lender. It helps consumers finance new home purchases and refinance existing home loans. At the time of this project’s inception, Homeside’s average loan would take roughly just under 30 days to fund. Three of the bigger bottlenecks were identified as:

  • Receiving “e-consent” from a borrower to allow electronic communication
  • Confusion around what documents needed to be supplied, and how to supply them
  • Confusion around where, when, and how to sign documents


  • Working with Ellie Mae’s Encompass (our *LOS and system of record)
  • Correctly mapping signatures (dynamically) across > 1,000+ templates
  • Remaining compliant (;


  • E-Consent (single): album
  • E-Consent (multi): album
  • Document Signing (single): album
  • Document Signing (multi): album
  • Misc. Simpler Flows/Screens: album


  • ~15% increase in conversion rates (~75% to ~90%)
  • “Time to e-consent” dropped from ~7 minutes to ~30 seconds
  • Uploading required docs, and signing docs more secure, and earlier in the process

Technology Used

  • C# .NET MVC (Areas) & WebAPI
  • AutoMapper, EntityFramework, Swashbuckle, JWT, and Identity NuGet packages
  • Selenium XUnit 2, and Specflow for back-end testing
  • Fabricator: Atomic Design Toolkit, SCSS, Gulp, json-server
  • DocuSign API, AWS S3, AWS Lambda, Sendgrid, Encompass by Ellie Mae third party integrations
  • Foundation for e-mails, Litmus
  • TopShelf, Concurrent Types, self-hosted reporting endpoints

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