Danny Brown

Senior Software Developer

👋 Hi! I’m Danny. I live in Dublin, Ohio and I work remotely for Asteris, Inc. I develop progressive web applications that enable veterinary medical images to be used for diagnosis from any device, anywhere. I’m an active speaker and programming mentor in my local community. When I’m not writing code, I spend time with my family, play board games, and experiment in the kitchen.

Even if this resume doesn’t compel you to head hunt and throw 💰💰💰 at me, you should shoot me a note at danny.ri.brown@gmail.com – I’m always looking to extend my network and connect with passionate devs and makers ^_^

43016, Dublin, Ohio, United States
(614) 556-0668
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Senior Software Developer at Asteris, Inc.

Develop progressive web applications that enable veterinary medical images to be used for diagnosis from any device, anywhere.


  • Still making 🌊s


Owner at Q Solutions LLC

Contract work ranging from Zero Footprint Medical Image Viewers to web application cloud migrations.


  • Still making 🌊s

Full Stack C# .NET Developer at Homeside Financial

Grew the company’s product offerings as a lead Web/Mobile application developer.


  • Developed company's first consumer tech product
  • Developed company's first mobile application (iOS and Android)
  • Implemented continuous integration and delivery
  • Introduced the existing team to project management software and workflows

Consultant at Blue Chip Consulting Group

Brought on to save a damaged relationship with an existing large and cornerstone client.


  • Drastically improved stability (primary point of concern) of a multi-threaded windows service that interacted with High Performance Window Clusters and a PBS Job Scheduler
  • Increased the efficiency and reporting rate of the windows service by > 10x
  • Received multiple commendations from both the client and my employer.
  • Simplified and automated the product release and deployment process

.NET Developer at RENOVO Solutions

Assisted in modernization of legacy application; Primary focus was ownership and UX of replacement part UI and flow.


  • Introduced UI Toolkits and atomic design
  • Migration of legacy project to AngularJS + REST API
  • TDD team. Heavy focus on UX and refining process

.NET Developer at Dynamit

Building enterprise C# .NET MVC applications that leverage custom framework scaffolding to assist in Rapid Application Development.


  • DDD, Onion Architecture, and Dependency Injection
  • KnockoutJS and SammyJS to create localized SPAs
  • Worked within larger teams; ownership of vertical slices
  • Commendation for clear/concise communication and ability to learn quickly

Founder at vTxt LLC

Owner of a “text to vote” platform that integrated with existing Youtube, Spotify, and SoundCloud APIs.


  • Lead a small team of college developers
  • Managed finances, and lead pitches for funding
  • Received initial funding and established a small customer base

Team Lead: Web Development at Robintek

From intern, to employee, to team lead. Helped grow the business while supporting a large number of clients and their day-to-day needs.


  • Created internship recruitment process
  • Lead and mentored a small team of rotating interns
  • Started custom WordPress and Mobile Application offerings
  • Worked and managed 10+ different active projects with different clients on any given week


1st Place @ Cardinal Health Codefest from Cardinal Health

Created a hybrid mobile application for Android, iPhone, and Windows 8 phones that utilized a custom API and a large data set to expedite a would be lengthy medical care planning process.

Best Application @ CodeDay Columbus Hackathon from Code Day Columbus

Created a web service that works with existing APIs to dynamically create a music video playlist. Users can text to vote (or email to vote) for the next music video based on the videos on the playlist.

Best Demo @ OSU Libraries' Hackathon from The Ohio State University

OSU Library’s Hackathon for the development of a “Team Manager” website for the organization “Pelotonia”.

4th Place Grand Award in Team Computer Science from International Science and Engineering Fair

'The Decomposition/Construction of Complex Data Strings and Systems' broke down different systems to their base components and designed programs that pieced them together using different algorithms. The award was given primarily for our use of super computing and novel way to generate product/company names.

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