Cornerstone.js: A New Look

Cornerstone.js has come a long way in the last couple of years. To celebrate our achievements and to mark a new beginning, we’ve adopted a new look, feel, and logo. Keep your eyes open, lots of great stuff is on the way ^_^

For those not aware, I became a core team member of Cornerstone.js in late 2017. Since then, I’ve actively worked to improve the cornerstone.js libaries and grow its community.

Today, as a part of those efforts, we have developed a style guide and adopted a new logo. Here’s a piece on how we found our way.

Graduating from Boostrap: With help from Atomic Design

A conference talk I gave at Techbash 2017. Approached how to transition from using UI frameworks to design systems from the “Full Stack” developers perspective.

When replying to a conference’s “Call for Speakers” or “Call for Proposals” you often submit an abstract. The abstract serves as a pitch for a topic you would be interested in speaking on. Often times, the talk does not have slides or even an outline at this point. If one or more conferences likes the abstract and asks the submitter to present, a talk is born.

How To Use Google Analytics' API To Share Your Traffic

Open source your website’s traffic using Google Analytics, service accounts, and Google’s new Embedded API server-side authentication methods.

This is a “proof of concept” post on open sourcing your website’s traffic data. A number of enhancements, both visual and performance wise, can be made. This post walks you through getting the data into your hands, so you can do with it what you will (:

The Template Tag: A Refresher

The only remaining browser has begun to implement the template tag. With full cross-browser support in the near future, it’s time for a template tag refresher.

The <template> specification was introduced in 2011, along with the other three specs that make up WebComponents. Since then, <template> has become a part of the W3C Living Document, and has full support in Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Android. To boot, Edge has just announced upcoming support.

In light of that announcement, let’s refresh (:


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